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About Premium Home Inspections, LLC

My name is Mart Giasson. I have lived in Southeast Michigan my entire life. I grew up on Detroit's east side, and have lived in Clinton Township for almost 20 years. My wife and I stay here with our two dogs and two cats because we like our neighborhood and its people.

I started Premium Home Inspections, LLC in 2008 with the intention of offering accurate, thorough home inspections and education to home buyers. When I bought my first home I made the mistake of not hiring an inspector. This was before I had the knowledge and experience that I later gained when I became a Licensed Residential Builder. I thought I was making a wise home buying decision, but not long after I moved my family in, I found out how wrong I was. The time and money I spent on repairs was much more than I would have paid for a home inspection.

I've never forgotten that experience, and now I dedicate myself to helping others, especially first time home buyers, to avoid making the same mistake I made.

That's why I personally perform or oversee every inspection my company performs. And the inspection isn't finished until every question you may have has been answered.

That's my personal commitment to you.